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You need a dedicated Traffic Ticket Lawyer for your driving defense in Pittsburgh. Why hire someone who deals with criminals when all you did was get caught speeding? While some Traffic Violations can carry serious penalties, the majority are secondary to the actual offense. A dedicated Traffic Ticket Attorney can help negotiate and lower the penalty before any drastic punishments are enforced. In order to avoid losing driving privileges through a drivers license suspension or paying high fines, contact a lawyer who works specifically on Traffic Tickets and Driving Violations. Contacting an Attorney who has spent over 40 years in courtrooms in Allegheny County and Pittsburgh can save you from increased car insurance costs.

Traffic Offenses and Potential Penalty

What kind of penalty can you expect from your Traffic Ticket?

Speeding Violations

Speeding Violations can carry hefty penalties.  If your car was cited as traveling more than 10 mph over the speed limit, you could face points and a higher fine.  Rick Cohen, Esq, can help negotiate a lower penalty and help you avoid points on your license and a higher car insurance rate.


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