Traffic Violations

Whether it's saving your CDL or keeping points off your license, Rick Cohen has years of experience navigating the legal system to keep you behind the wheel.

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DUI Charges

If you've been charged with a DUI or a DWI you need someone who will help you recover your life. Rick Cohen will walk you through the options to retain your license and reduce the level of punishment the government tries to impose.

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When someone else has injured you, you have the right to be made whole. If a careless person disregarded other's safety resulting in your pain and suffering, they are obligated to make it right.  If a person intentionally caused you harm, you might still be entitled to compensation, even if that person has been charged with a crime.  I will fight with you and help you regain the quality of life someone else stole by injuring you.

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Rick Cohen, Attorney at Law

With 43 years of experience in Allegheny County, Rick Cohen defends the rights of drivers more successfully than any other Attorney in Pittsburgh.   A graduate of The University of Pittsburgh Law School, Attorney Cohen proudly serves Allegheny County drivers and makes sure you're speeding ticket doesn't cost you your livelihood.

Whether you've been charged with running a stop sign or while Driving Under the Influence, Attorney Rick Cohen will fight for your ability to stay on the road.